Welcome to VR

VR (virtual reality) is the depiction of a reality that is simultaneously perceived in a computer generated and interactive virtual environment. And it is our mission to create these realities for you.

What sounds technical at first, is mostly and above all an emotional and impressive experience. That is because you do not only have the possibility to immerse yourself in completely different worlds, but you’ll also have the chance to extend the boundaries of your imagination – and even redefine them. That way, we will bring your visions to life.

From precision to presence

The virtual realities are our core competence. With VR, we will take you to any place that you desire – or even to fascinating fantasy worlds.

The possibilities are endless. We master to adjust your movement to those of the images thanks to our experience, our pursuit of perfection and our precision, in order for you to reach a condition that we call “presence”: It is only then, that your body is fully convinced to be located at a different place. That way we don’t only move you, but also your project to a whole new level.