When cooperation leads to perfection

Thanks to our partners at Domzelt Deutschland, you receive full service when it comes to dome projections and 360° theatres.

You want to stage your brand and your messages in a spectacular way? We’ll design and produce individual dome-formats for your event. Whether it is going to be film recordings, 3D animations or a combination of both with additional live recording: We are offering you endless possibilities in the area of dome projections.

Our strong partner: Domzelt Deutschland

Domzelt Deutschland creates endless spaces – all around the globe. The geodetic structure as well as the durable and flexible material of their domes allow permanent medial productions with mobile architecture at a very high level.

As manufacturers and developers, Domzelt Deutschland is your ideal partner for professional dome systems and an unforgettable 360° movie theatre experience. At Domzelt Deutschland you have access to domes, projection screens, projectors with media servers, sound and light systems, as well as equipment for heating and air conditioning.

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In the focus: The viewer. In the spotlight: The experience.

A 360° movie theatre (dome projection) offers a very special visual event to the viewer.

While the audience can just lean back, relax and enjoy the show, each audience member is completely surrounded by the displayed world, which provides the feeling of being fully immersed into the story in an impressive way. The viewers can look around as they choose and explore the world around them.

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