Even small additions can broaden realities. And your horizon.

Augmented Reality, also AR, means the enhancement of perception by digital additions. With AR there are versatile possibilities in the interaction with objects, locations and finally of course your brand and your product.

It allows you a positive and permanent brand experience – because you will make information accessible in a direct and interactive way. Whether in previsualization, in product optimization or in sales promotion, we will help you to present your ideas and products clearly and innovatively.

Unlimited possibilities: The only way to abolish limits.

Faster systems, enhanced sensors – those developments dissolve the technical boundaries of the past in the field of AR. It is time for interaction. Systems like Project Tango allow implementations without markers. Control Systems like the Myo bracelet, Leap Motion Controller or other wearables enable a new way of interactive use.

Whether we’re using GPS-data, core camera information or gyroscope sensors: We’re always on the lookout for the ideal technical combination for the best, most immersive experience.

Our favorite creation: Fun.

AR creates a multi-facetted scope for diversified content and modern customer retention through interaction with the product.

Convey serious content through gamification or encourage customers to engage with an app – and thereby also with your brand – that’s what augmented reality can do. Games tell stories, surprise the user with rewards and nurture motivation and team spirit. Feel free to contact us: We love to develop corporate games for you and your customers.