Immerse yourself.

The term 360° video describes a spherical presentation of a filmed environment. The viewers can decide and set the viewing direction themselves.

As a result they gain an immersive point of view that will plunge the viewers into the depicted world. That way spaces, locations and objects come to life. Hereby you can create a strong immersive experience not only on an emotional level.


Motions are emotions.

Movements cause and increase emotions. The viewer has a stronger feeling to be a part of the visual journey and thereby gets the opportunity to fully immerse into the story. By increasing the immersion, the consciousness of the viewers for their surroundings is intensified.

This is necessary in order to perceive the environment as “real”. Spectacular tracking or aerial shots, as taken by a drone, a helicopter, a camera crane or with our remote-controlled “Mantis” dolly, will make your 360° video a unique highlight.


Always one step ahead.

Is your mind working in 360° yet? Aside from the visual appeal and the unmatched experience, this innovative medium still offers more: You’ll profit from the first mover advantage and will take on the role of a pioneer.

The representative, professional and unique depiction of your project will additionally put a spotlight on your company using innovation and individuality.